I cannot believe that it is already February!! Here is a little recap of the last several days since my last post!
 I am a part of this little Facebook group called 'Cool Ladies Marketplace', and have been trying to figure out exactly how to get in touch with someone that could crochet a replica of my favorite hat made by my late Grandma Thrasher.... Well, after many failed attempts in trying to get someone by working through friends, I posted in the CLM, and within two days, I had a sweet hat made exactly the way I wanted!! So cool! Now I can give grandma's hat a rest and wear my new, more proper fitting custom hat! I have been super lazy about getting my camera out, so all of these photos are iPhone pics!
 Rose has been away at 'camp' learning some basics in manners and getting some time in with other horses. She came home Saturday, but I had my last little session away at 'camp' with her on Friday.... It was my first time lunging her on the line in an open space, and she did great!! I am lucky enough to have a friend who will come watch and video or take pics of these sessions! You cannot believe how helpful it is to watch yourself doing these kinds of things!
Here she is back home and enjoying a little grass.... She worked very hard the last two weeks, and so she gets a good little weekend of rest before we start practicing what we've learned....
The little shed is coming along pretty good - the roof ended up being waaaaaaaay more work than initially planned, but should be done in the next week or two!
 Eddie gets more and more playful by the day. He is starting to really get what having toys is all about!

 .....and of course he loves having mean ol' Spirulina around....
 Saturday night I ended up going out last minute with Holly. It was a benefit for Project Safe and we looked SMASHING!! When you wear sunglasses, there is no need to wear much make-up ;)  She performed and I enjoyed a rare fun night out!

 Sunday was back to the grindstone.... woke up super early to get a head start on the day. My stepdad Shane came over to help me with the roof on Rose's shed... While we were working outside, I decided to put Rose's bright new pink halter on in case I needed to grab her quickly for any reason. Ha! There was no need for it really, because she napped allllllll day! She was obviously enjoying the sunshine and being home!

 Then today after work, she had her first little 'work' session after being home. We both did pretty good! Today was a big deal for me because it was THE FIRST time I've even attempted cleaning her hind hooves without someone standing right next to me encouraging me... All went perfect! Every day is a step in the right direction and each day a little more confidence is gained in my relationship with Rose!

Here she is walking with just a rope and no halter!
 ....and a little lunging action....
 All and all, I am very pleased with everything going on with Rose... I realize it's been a while since I posted pics of the goats, so I will be catching up with them later in the week! Happy Monday!!

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