what's with all the white?

I have noticed a trend in the last few years that I just do not understand. Stark white interiors.... I know it is my own opinion, and everyone has one, but I cannot seem to figure this one out. White walls, while very appropriate for showcasing ART such as in a museum, just don't seem very ... 'home-y'.... all I can see when people are showing off their white interiors are OCD cleaners, sterile environments, and borrrrrrrrring rooms. Yawn. A lot of these people are artistic - well most of them are, and I consider myself artistic and creative as well, so what am I missing?

Black and white photos, paintings, and other arts are great in b+w because they have a depth to them, but these rooms and home interiors... just confuse me. Mommy blogs especially. As a blogger I read a lot of blogs and these 'hip' moms who obviously are able to be stay at home, full time cleaning women seem to spend more time cleaning their homes than actually living (by the looks of their homes) in them. What kid can actually BE a kid in this kind of setting?

While I do not have children, I was one once, and if we had white rugs or carpet or walls, my poor mom wouldn't have been able to keep it for long! Water coloring splatters, juice, slinging off muddy shoes, and all the proper tools for learning just don't seem to fit in an all white interior.

Color enhances mood. Moods, whatever they are, are indeed colorful. People are colorful, so I am stumped.

Every home I have lived in has been painted various colors. Each room different. I have yet to paint our current home because there hasn't been any time, really - and it is something I so desperately cannot WAIT to do! Yes, I live on a farm. We have an area for the muck boots. I could NEVER keep up with a white home, but I am curious as to the attraction.

Even cream colors, beige, and very light pastels are more interesting than WHITE. Give me natural wood textures, bright walls, and b+w art on a colored wall any day over feeling like I can't actually 'live' fully in a stark white room. Any insight or explanation of this trend is welcome, because I would love to be able to understand it. I can completely understand a white accent wall to showcase art maybe, but an all white room or rooms..... leaves me confused. Is it because it is easier to repaint? Is it because there isn't a whole lot of thought going into the exact shade?

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