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I am a little obsessed with the look of these glass kettles. My tendency for being a klutz in the kitchens however, will keep me from buying one. I feel very lucky that my Chemex coffee maker is still around... We actually DID have to replace one, but it wasn't my fault ;)


I feel like I need a way to have more time, but in reality, things will fall into place so that everything will find it's own little space.... There is a ton of exciting new things I am involved in so early in the new year, and it has been a little bit of a challenge to figure out where to spend any free time I have. I do have my hands in several pots at the moment, and am having a hard time pushing any ideas to the side. I don't think I am gonna scrap anything just yet, but more time to devote to the things would be AWESOME and the time change in the Spring will definitely help out with that a lot!
and I just love this song, and am still shocked that there will be no more new material from him... what an inspiration to us all to be different, weird, and kind....
This is an all around good book to have on hand 'just in case' you ever need it. Ha! I am going to attempt to learn how to do a little canning this year (hopefully, that is if my garden grows.....) and other ways of preserving food. I actually got this book at "Ollie's' in Athens for $6, but you can also purchase the exact same book online at Amazon HERE if you aren't near Athens...