friday finds

here are a couple of this week's Friday finds.... and I actually found all of these at a thift store - no yard sale items from this go round...

I got an awesome flannel gown.... I love long flannel gowns because not only are the warm, but they are perfect to roll out of bed and tend to the animals morning chores in. Yes, when you live in the sticks, this is something you look out for!

a Levi's denim jacket - it fits PERFECTLY and the sleeves are long enough!! 

this beautifully detailed wool coat...

some pretty material....

I also got a pair of Banana Republic jeans (that I am currently wearing and trying to decide whether or not I want to make a long skirt from them), and adorable red jacket that I brought back to the office for my co-worker, Jeannie, and a vintage high-waisted denim skirt that someone had started to alter, but never finished. I am going to see if I can piece it back together, and if/when I do, I will show it off here!

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