Yardsale Jackpot!!!

 Yes, people.... I actually hit the yard sale jackpot yesterday..... I happened to be driving home on my lunch break from work, and what did I see? A sign that read 'Yard Sale 8-1pm'. You know what time it was? 12:58pm. I parked, ran inside and asked if I could just look around for a few minutes before they closed up for the day and luckily for me, they had decided to keep at it until 4pm!

Well, I have been needing some new casserole dishes ESPECIALLY with Thanksgiving coming up, and I was able to find THREE! They had a room (it was in indoor yard sale for the American Legion) that said "Everything in this room, $1", and this is where every single item here came from! Some things were even less than $1!!!! All in all, I paid less than $20 for everything you see here! Boom! How's that for a fantastic lunch hour!?!?!?

 You may be wondering why is this basket special.... well, I will have you know that my little flock of seven geriatric hens doesn't lay very many eggs these days, so this little basket is the perfect size for gathering their eggs!

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