Brrrrrr! Cooler Weather Means Camping For Some...Check Out These Cool Gadgets!

I have been missing grilling out and cooking outside since we moved, but we haven't gotten a grill yet at the farmhouse. I decided I was going to start looking up some different ways to cook outdoors - without a grill, maybe just do some campfire cooking, and came across several things that I thought were pretty dang cool in the camping world.
I myself am NOT a camper by any means - I find nothing fun about sticky, sweaty, bug-repellant topped skin in Summer OR loud flesh-eating animals that are just waiting for me to go to sleep in the freezing cold Winter, and I really enjoy my shower and sleeping my own comfy bed (I would never make it in the bush!), but anyway, I was looking for campfire grills and I fell into the cool new gadget world of camp-stuff... Who knows, maybe if they keep inventing cool stuff like this, I may be a born again camper  ;)

Click on any of the images below for more information on the product as well as where to purchase them..

For safe smell-free food storage......

Park & hang ANYWHERE with this gadget.... I just purchased my Nissan XTerra this year, and this is something I would LOVE to have just for even day trips to the mountains!!
I was unaware that you can keep the mosquitoes away AND purify the atmosphere you are in with this....
This can come in handy for hiking in unfamiliar territory, and someone as bad at directions as me, this would be a 'must have'...... and it is biodegradable as well! 
Cool campfire panini press! 

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