Two Cents Tuesday ....

Some Tuesdays I decide to post things that have sparked some interest in trying or doing. Today I have a good mix of things I have stumbled across in the last week to share with you guys! 

New snack food to try making: 

Golden Beet Chips with Spicy Goat Cheese Dip!!! I snagged the recipe from the blog "How Sweet It Is!"
Clicking the link above will direct to to my source and give you the complete recipe....

I recently had to let my ol' trusty Nissan Altima go (due to putting 18,000 miles on her since my dad passed away in January - that's a WHOLE LOTTA MILES in 4 months!) and I upgraded to a new Nissan XTerra Pro4x. I am loving this thing and can't wait to take in on a few off road adventures!! I came across this article about scary roads to drive out in Colorado and have decided to start planning a trip soon either up north or out west! Check out these views and read all about them HERE.

I am really digging colorful cast iron cookware these days and came across THIS GEM of a pot! Not only is it a good size, but it is soooooo CUTE!!

....annnnnd last but not least, THIS NPR ARTICLE about Georgia wine making using huge Georgian clay wine barrels, which dates back 8,000 years! Totally cool!! 
"Georgia's winemaking heritage goes back 8,000 years and centers on the qvevri, a cavernous terra-cotta pot shaped like an egg, lined with beeswax and buried to the mouth underground. But these ancient vessels were sidelined by the industrial wine production dictated by seven decades of Soviet rule. Over the past 10 years, however,qvevri wine has slowly recovered. Today, it is a calling card for Georgian wine around the world."
On a side note, while I was researching this new word for my vocabulary, I found this video:

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