Monday Morning Mouthful....

It is the beginning of another week, and what better time than to share a few tidbits of randomness as well as announce I am back in a place to do another round of the 100 Happy Days series! I did this in January 2014, and really enjoyed it! So much good happened during that period, that I have decided to do it again. I think with the everyday hustle and bustle of work, and just life in general, it is soooo easy to let the good snapshot moments in life go unappreciated. During the last challenge, I stumbled across the house of my dreams and two weeks after the first challenge ended, I closed on that perfect little dream farm! Let's see what this whole 'focusing on the little positive moments' thing can bring the second time around! Click HERE to sign up and be accountable to share your little moment of 'happy' every day,  see if you can pause for just a few seconds each day to snap a picture with your cell phone, hashtag #100happydays  - and no backtracking - you have to be on it and take notice of these things daily. I will be posting my pictures on my Instagram page and doing a weekly roundup each Friday with my moments. I will be posting my very first pic this evening! I'm really excited!! Click HERE to see the 'Weekly Roundup' posts from the last challenge if you are interested at all how fun it can be! 

Some old throwback movies to check out this fabulous Monday:

Party Girl


Buffalo '66

....annnnnnd some funny... This is TOTALLY me ;) 

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