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As I clear land, I am finding more and more little spots to meditate and 'get away' to. I am not sure I have found the perfect tree to hang this chair, but I am sure that there is one out on the land somewhere..... This one is less than $40, although you need to buy the spring and and swivel hook separately. Click on the pic below for more info!

I came across these nail polish remover wipes on an expectant mom website called Storq, and if you know any soon-to-be moms, this is a great site for them to purchase safer alternatives to beauty essentials. I used to paint my nails quite regularly, but just can't stand the normal polish remover. Gonna order these and see how they do! You can click on either of the pics below to order for yourself!

I heard the very end of this song when I went to Fresh Market yesterday and once I got to work, I looked it up on YouTube so that I could hear the whole song... I have always loved John Lennon, but somehow I forget to listen to him like I used to! Love this song, and posted the vid since I had not seen it....
One of my best gal pals, Lauren, invited me to a screening of this last night at our little art house cinema, CINÉ and it was such an eye opener. It is sad in this day and age how easy it can be to NOT see the slavery that is allowed in order to get us our food. These people work full-time and still live in poverty - many are even homeless. I highly recommend you see this if you care about making a difference AND care about where your food comes from....

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