tidbits: 2/52

This is my new weekly segment where I just give you tidbits throughout a random day. Today was pretty uneventful in exciting scenery, but I did manage to get a ton done outside in this one small section of land..... 

Week 2/52
Just a couple of gals having their morning milk:

Morning fuel, 8am:
 Big Sunday brunch, 10:30am:
....annnnnnnd this is what I worked on all day. I stood in the same spot and took a picture every hour to show my progress on this pain in the ass briar patch. This is what this particular section looked like this morning when I started. Notice the tree in the background. I cleared enough so that you can see the trunk!! I did all this with hedge shears AND mulched it up with the shears as I went so that I can rake up this mess and get it outta here when I am done!
 HOUR FIVE: Eeeeeek! You can see the tree trunk!! The rain had started at this point, so I was done for the day. Now on to a bath and then the Golden Globes!!
 Buh-bye, you stinkin' briars!!
My plan is to use the old hog pen as a garden shed/ greenhouse.... We will see how that goes ;)

 I had to redo the goat's shelter situation last week due to the fact that Eli & Ellie were not sleeping in their hut, but rather just out outside of the other goat's hut. I disassembled their old shelter and added on to Misty and Milly's and now have a duplex of a hut! Ha! I actually like it better and it is more sturdy that the previous shelter. I have to toot my own horn and say that I am really impressed with my work! I am getting better at this kind of thing and loving it!!
 Christian and I watched the red carpet event leading up to the Golden Globes.... I tried to stay up for the whole thing, but passed out shortly after Prince presented an award. YES PRINCE!!! Is he not just freakin' awesome or what?? Gotta love that man. Oh, and you know out of ALL the red carpet shots, I am gonna post the one of ol' Channing.... I was kind of disappointed to learn that he was snubbed from being nominated for his role in "Foxcatcher", and I went to bed before he presented :( dang! He did look great as always on the red carpet though - and his wife is just the cutest lil thang!
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were funny as the hosts and even though I missed most of the show, I did enjoy what I saw and especially the bit where they were busting Clooney about his "Lifetime Achievement Award":

and then the total shocker of the night just before I had to check out, post this, and go to dreamland:

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