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Last night and early this morning felt like a fairy tale. I was up pretty much all night trying to get Spirulina out of a tree and I was outside every hour making sure she was still up there and not miraculously down and attracting that dang coyote that got a hold of her last time... I would go out, shine my flashlight up on the limb that she was perched on, see her, and then go back inside. Several times I looked up and saw shooting stars! It was beautiful and magical all the while slightly terrifying! Christian was out of town and I had to be up early to get him from the shuttle drop off point, so being all alone out in the middle of nowhere can make your imagination go a little wild. This has brought me to this week's 'WANT'..... I have never heard of this place until this morning, but now I badly want to go visit!!! It's called "The Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland" - take a look at this spooky and magical place and read more about it and see more pictures HERE.

This week's "NEED" is for my sweet Baby: Canna-Pet. I have yet to order or try this stuff, but have read raving reviews about its effectiveness on dogs with cancer and epilepsy. Has anyone ever tried this stuff for their pet? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought! Email me at sandice@frugalfashionablefarmer.com
Since Christian just got back into town a few minutes ago, I decided to let him go to sleep ;) and I picked the "HEAR" this week! I love the original version of 'China Girl' performed by Iggy Pop and that is my pick for the week!!  Enjoy!! 

I went into this not having seen a preview and not really thinking I'd enjoy as it seemed that there had been too much hype about this, BUT let me tell ya, it blew my mind. I want to see it again before it leaves theaters and if you have yet to see this film. GO SEE IT SOON! The shortest three hours of my life! Loved it!! 

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