Happy Friday! Reflecting & Looking Ahead!

As I approach the end of another year (a very exciting year at that), I want to take a minute to reflect on 2014 and look ahead for the upcoming year. 2014 has been full of exciting and terrifying things.....

~We bought a house. A house on acreage so that I could have my very own slice of heaven - a place where I could actually live and have my animals! That was a dream come true, and honestly I didn't go into this year even fathoming it could have even been possible this year.

~I ended up with a teeny tiny spastic kitten. Spirulina has definitely brought some spunk into our lives and taught us a little more about patience. She also brought us expensive vet bills, ridiculous tree rescuing adventures, and the most character I have witnessed from one animal in a very long time, and she absolutely adores Baby.

~Our sweet Baby developed some health issues this year, and although we still aren't 100% sure what exactly is the culprit, or how long she will be with us, she is here NOW and one of the most important things for me, is that she actually is living on a farm with her chicken and goat friends and she is so happy out here. I have wished for that for years and this year it happened. When she first got sick, my only wish was that she at least stayed healthy long enough for me to get the animals moved over to the new place. That happened the first week in August and although it is difficult to process that she is sick, she still has very many days where she runs and plays and enjoys this land just like I had envisioned before we moved here.

~We are clearing the land and making it OURS. It sucks at times, but when one small job is done, it is so nice to look at these little sections and actually see that there are so many more possibilities when you put in the hard work. It is very rewarding!

~I have slacked on the blog a bit since the move, but am excited to try out some new ideas for 2015. This year one of the most consistent weekly segments has been the "Sweet Stuff Sunday" posts. Going into the new year, I want to switch things up a bit and have more regular segments like that one. The last day of January of this year, I started the "100 Days of Happiness" challenge and I actually loved that (I found AND purchased my dream farm during this challenge, so I personally think it does wonders!), so I am going to do that again at some point in the next year as well. It is so easy and it forces you to take notice of the little things in life that can change your mood but are so easily looked over - and when everyone has smartphones, anyone can do this little challenge!

~I opened up my Etsy store this year and decided to start funding my hobby of thrifting and junking by rotating things out of my collection so that I could have more for new finds. It is working out pretty good so far, I'm not nearly as good at updating my inventory as I'd like to be, but going forward, I am gonna try a little harder! More inventory = more sales = more moolah to feed my junking and thrifting! It's a win-win!

~This coming weekend will be the NINTH annual Christmas benefit I have held at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens! They have ALL been events that help out a local charity. The first three or four were for various food banks and the last several years have been devoted to the Athens Area Humane Society. It is crazy how time flies! When doing the very first benefit, I would never have imagined it would have turned into an annual event - and honestly, it actually keeps me on my toes around the holidays when it comes to overindulging in all of the food that comes along with Thanksgiving and Christmas!! My Christmas benefit costumes are not very forgiving!!!
Take a look at our very first benefit flyer from 2006:
Crazy, huh?

I am so excited to celebrate Christmas in this house! The very first Christmas at this beautiful and magical place.....and as always, I am hoping for a white, snowy Christmas! 

I end this post with my favorite all-time booty shaking Christmas song. This makes perfect sense since the annual Christmas party is tomorrow. If you are in Athens, GA and want to have fun and help out the Athens Area Humane Society, come on out to Little Kings! Party starts late at 11pm with karaoke and then non-traditional Christmas songs mixed in with dance music the last hour. All money collected at the door goes to the AAHS!

Here are a few snapshots from last year to look through while you are jammin to the song:

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