Two Cents Tuesday: My Skincare Raves.....

I am happy to say that over the last few years, I have finally figured out what my skin needs. I have always struggled with acne, and a few years ago I started changing up a few things. With a few diet changes and a few new habits I am starting to really feel good about my skin!! Of course I think a lot had to do with the stress factor and how having the farm AND home is really awesome FREE therapy...

I started making my own miracle wrinkle salve with a mxture of  lavender oil, coconut oil, and grassfed beef tallow at the end of last year...I use it every single day under my eyes, on my laugh lines, and on my lips after I get out of the shower every single morning! I know that will gross some people out, but I do have to admit that in the course of a year, the results are amazing! 

I also soak in a bath with an entire bottle of Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar once a week. It keeps my skin soft and smooth. 

If I do wear makeup, I only put a few dabs of Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in Petal and L'oreal Telescopic Mascara in brown. I am a firm believer that as you get older, less make up is better (and makes you appear youthful!)

At night before bed, a few times a week I use the Freemans Black Sugar & Charcoal polish/ mask, rinse off after about 10 minutes... 

I also decided to try to go gluten free as much as possible. This means that at home I ALWAYS EAT GF. When out to dinner with friends or at holiday meals with family, I am not as strict. Usually after these rare indulgences, my face breaks out. Not that big of a deal, but who doesn't want to look their best, right? So my experiment of going GF has proven to me that I am sensitive to it. We do not have anything containing it in our house and all of my 'Sweet Stuff Sunday' treats are GF. It is actually amazing at the alternatives to wheat flour- I really don't go without anything that I love! 

I also try to remember to use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate under my eyes just before I go to bed. I have had the same bottle for over two years and still have just under half a bottle. It's seems expensive, but lasts FOREVER!!! 

...annnnnd last but not least, I have been oil pulling. There is a lot of debate over what benefits this can actually have, BUT since I have been doing this, I never have chapped lips, my teeth seem less sensitive and whiter, my face seems more hydrated, supple, and healthy, and I also believe it helps with minor headaches and sinus pressure. Notice I said seems. That is because it works for me for the above reasons and may not work for everyone, but for me, it works many wonders. 

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