Happy Fridaaaaaay!! Ultimate Christmas Mixtape!

Happy Friday !! I have made an extra long mixtape since I neglected the midweek mixtape this week. A good mix of classic and non traditional music on this one, but it's ALL Christmas! I noticed I haven't posted too much about Christmas happenings this year, but with the benefit now behind me (it was a success!!) I have some catching up to do!!! I will slow down a bit this weekend to take photos of our tree, home, and maybe even some goats wearing bells ;) I am so excited for Christmas even though I haven't really bought any presents - being in my very first year as a homeowner makes you poor in the pockets, but rich in life! I did buy the farm a few Christmas presents though! I bought a couple of Colorado Blue Spruces seedlings just to see if they might actually take root and make some live Christmas trees for decorating in the future!!  .... Only time will tell! I grabbed these photos off a google search for "Christmas tree forest"... Can you tell what my place might look like in a decade or so? Ha!

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