Merry Monday!


Since it is December, and Christmas is coming up, I am going to change it up a bit and make Mondays special by posting some gift giving ideas....Since yesterday was Cyber Monday, I am a little late with the post...

A few weeks ago, my 'want/need' post included a white faux fur coat with pink collar that was around $300......I have looked at that coat daily since then on different websites and had no luck finding it at a more appealing price - you know since I'm frugal and all ;) ...well, yesterday I found the website that I had linked in the post, had lowered heir price to 60% off!!I pulled the trigger and it should be here soon - my own big ticket Christmas gift to myself!!!! Lucky for me, I got the last one available and I am hoping a medium size does the trick - otherwise, I guess I can turn around and sell it easily!

So..... now on to the Merry Monday post - everything in this post is under $100!!!

For the edgy, fashionable ladies in your life, this little number is fabulous and when I saw it, I immediately wanted it as well.... click on the pic to be directed to the website for more info.

Next up is a new product I just tried last weekend... normally when I fall in love with a facial product, I am late in the game, and when I go to purchase it, I am outta luck. This one still seems to be out there everywhere, and for just $4, was awesome! It is a scrub AND a mask in one!!!! My skin was glowing, tight, and so smooth after using this - some slight redness that took a few minutes to fade, but totally worth it! Click on picture to order and for more info....
....for the foodies, this beautiful book came out in the Fall. I admit, I am not a seafood eater, but this book, written by Renee Erickson (a Seattle chef with the restaurants The Walrus & the Carpenter and Boat Street Cafe), with the photos and writing are a fun read: "Crab really tastes best when you catch it yourself and eat it with friends in front of a sweet summer sunset."Click on the photo for more info and the link to purchase....

....annnnnnnnd these - I have never tried them, but the package looks fun and they are pretty cheap at $15. I am gonna have to see how these things work. Supposedly you put them on at night and it prevents your facial muscles from moving while you sleep where the little stickies are... safer than magical creams and Botox, right?? I'm gonna order mine today, and next Monday I will let you know what I think! Click HERE to read the fun history about this product and click on the pic below to receive more info and to be directed to a site for purchase.

This black and white umbrella can make any colorful dress pop even more on a rainy day.....
Click photo for info on product and to purchase...
and last but not least, these buggy earrings...... click on pic to purchase. 

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