Happy Saturday!

I am still recovering from eating waaaaaaay too much good food, gaining about ten pounds and I just ate more leftovers for lunch just now! To burn off some of those calories, Baby, Spirulina, and I ran around the land a bit and then played in the field with the goats and chickens. It was Spirulina's very first time in with he chickens and she was a sight to watch..... I hope everyone had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and eat some delicious home cooked meals. Happy Saturday!!!

Misty: "Nom nom nom nom nom"
 Eli: "Am I intimidating you yet?"
 Milly: Hey, mama! I'm comin' in for a hug!!"
 Eli - Jealous much?

 The beautiful Ellie!
 Awwwww..... Milly hugs are one of the best things everrrrrr!
 Baby is seeing what the chickens are up to inside the goat hut....
 Oh! They are just keeping the bugs and parasites at bay.... Cluck-cluck, nom-nom!
 I got a Pancha peck!
 Spirulina is unsure of the goats...

 She wanted to pounce Cuckoo so bad, but she got scared and ran away...Ha!
 Chicken watching....

 Post-lunch nap time....

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