Saturday in photos....

Today I got up with a packed day full of plans..... My kickboxing bag has been sitting on my front porch for over two months and since I started back running last week, it was time to hang the bag and have that to incorporate back into my workouts.

It was also hoof-trimming day (yippeeeee - NOT). I still have to bring the goat stand over from the old farm, and these goats are never thrilled for hoof trimming. Milly I can handle pretty easily, but Misty is like a wild bull. It's a workout in itself with that one! 

I hung a hammock - my old one broke and I LOVE laying in a hammock and watching the farm crew.... I hung it in the PERFECT spot. It's always shaded and I can see everyone in the field! 

The big babies (Eli & Ellie) were in such a cuddle mood! Such sweet babies.... 

....and here are the rest of the pics from the day.... Now, I am off for a few drinks with a few friends! Happy Saturday!!

 This is one of my favorite spots at the house...... I have fallen asleep out here a few times.... It's such a relaxing spot!
 Baby is back to her old self, she has the sparkle back in her eyes and has her little spunky energy back!
 Milly's skin looks better than it has EVER!
 Baby loves the goats watering trough..... She thinks it gets filled up solely for her paws to soak on a hot day...
 Misty girl......

 Welp, this is the only pic of Ellen I snapped today! She was not feeling very photogenic today ;)

 I rescued this little bug from Eli's water....

 ...and look at the grasshoppers! I think they are in LOVE ! :)

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