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How cool are these jewelry style tattoos? Click on the first image to be directed to the site where you can purchase...

Pricey, but I am interested.... 


When all my friends in my early twenties were making fat tips waiting tables,  I knew I would never be successful at that. I had very little patience, and had even tried once being a server, but almost immediately got demoted to dishwasher - my favorite job back then. It was in the back, I never had to look presentable, and I never had to deal with strangers....I actually found this book at a rental property that I manage. The previous tenant skipped town and left several things. She was a waitress at a few different places. Christian waited tables when we met. I have always been fascinated by people who effortlessly can pull off this job, so this book is next on my list. I am gonna dig in tonight before bed.... You can purchase your very own copy HERE.

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