First Friday At the Farm!!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!!

So, I have been slacking on the blog posting, BUT for all good reason..... LOOK!! I have my babies home!! Last week, I got the chicken coop, fencing, and goat huts finished enough to bring the farm family home!!I still have a few things that need to be done in order for everything to be finished, but they are all things I can do here and there while the animals are in the field.
At first, they were not excited about being at their new home - they were anxious and wouldn't even eat their snacks! After the second day though, they were getting more comfortable! Now, they are right at home and when the chickens are let loose (they are being kept cooped up this week, just until I put wire on the gate AND so that they roost where they are supposed to at night instead of in random trees), all will be right with the farm!
For some reason the goats are loving to lay in the red clay...... so now my little white Saanens are now orange....
Baby is steadily improving and hasn't had any seizures since July 24! She has been on Phenobarbital since the last seizure and has had some awful side effects from the meds, but they seem to be getting milder and milder and she is getting her old 'happy-go-lucky' personality back!

Check out this fabulous chicken coop! What?!?!?!? I am really proud of this thing!! My friend Mark came over, taught me some basics of building things, schooled me on some tools that he recommended, and viola! Check out my first coop and huts I built!!! They might blow over in the first wind storm we get, but if so, the next one will be stronger! They might be a little crooked, but hey - practice makes perfect, right? I am thrilled with my little structures!! The goat huts will be tweaked here and there and painted to match the coop in time.....

At the new place, I used actual goat and sheep fencing so that no one could fit their heads through the fence openings. At the other place, I used regular field fencing and noticed they were poking their heads through, so removed all of their collars out of worrying someone might get stuck. Now they are all adorned with new colorful collars!! Ellie looks lovely in purple, don't ya think?

Eli looks dashing in his royal blue collar.....

Milly has a nice sort of Chartreuse green collar....

Misty is a cutie-pie in her hot pink, and Ellen in the background here has an orange collar on, but somehow I didn't get any close-ups of her! I'll be sure to get some this weekend!!

We have APPLES!!!!!! For some reason I thought apples came later in the year, but we have some big ones now! Unfortunately all of the peaches are done for the year - I think all the trees need some heavy duty pruning and maintenance this winter (they have been ignored for quite sometime), and hopefully next year they will recover and produce better!
The pecan trees are looking good and I hope I get a lot of pies out of them this fall!!
....and last, I have three little pepper plants on my porch that are full and colorful!! ....and kind of Christmas-y looking, huh? Well, I DO love Christmas!!
Happy Friday, y'all!! The posts are really getting back on track now that my new place is housing my animals and is getting closer to being at a maintenance stage and done with the creating and building stage!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you all! Everything looks great!