Two Cents Tuesday! Inspirations For the Week....

This is it for this week - it is a short list, but these few things inspired me while dealing with Baby's seizures, the stinky skunk, and not really being able to get a lot of needed work done in the field at the new house.


Wow. This is so cool!! Every year when the cows descend from the Swiss Alpines, a beauty show takes place!!! The cows even get special bells if they win!  I would LOVE to go see this one year!!!!!


This amazingly talented dessert maker named Christine McConnell. I wouldn't even want to eat one of these treats the are so detailed! You can read all about her HERE


The photographer Kai Fagerstrom. What beautiful images he has captured in an abandoned house near his property. You can see the complete gallery HERE and read all about this story HERE.
"When an amateur photographer ventured into the woods, the last thing he expected to discover was a house full of neighbors he had never met, but that's exactly what happened when Kai Fagerstrom stumbled upon what he thought was an empty house, only to find that it was occupied with wild woodland animals."

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