Monday, Monday.......

 Well, I guess I got to excited too soon... Baby started having seizures again today. The vet told me she probably would have them for the next week, but I guess that 24 hour period with no seizures and no meds made me think we were done with them. Back on the meds again, now. I have a stumbling, sleepy, sweet, big, forgetful pitbull in the house. I hate keeping her doped up, but for now it is needed.... The sunset was absolutely beautiful this evening, the layers old pink, gold, and blue were just what I needed!
 I finally have some form of edible vegetation growing at the new place now - hot thai peppers! Christian has been making thai food lately, so we can add these to the mix once they are ready!
 I was supposed to finish my fence this week, but the Baby girl has taken precedent over every big task. This eve while she was napping, I decided to sweep the front porch...... it turned out to be pretty therapeutic.
 ....My partially started fence for the goats. I decided to start them out in the field between the house and the dog kennel that came with the property. That kennel is on the agenda for being a big project this winter. Not quite sure what I want to do with it, but the building is pretty big at 1300 sq ft and I'm sure I can think of something!
 OK, yes - after I swept, I hosed off the porch.... so fresh, so clean. It still smells a little skunky out here.... That damn skunk!

 It's funny - the Valium makes Baby act so instinctually that she forgets the rules of the house like letting the kitten drink all the milk she wants from her bowl before finishing it off.....
 Spirulina did get a little more milk and Baby gets to do what she wants until we figure out what's going on.... She means the world to me and I can't wait for her to be well!

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