Frugal Fashionable FRIDAY!!!!

I threw this outfit together yesterday morning before work. I had almost forgotten about a lot of my clothes because at the other house because I was unable to see them all due to the fact they were so tightly crammed into a tiny closet. The new house is a whole other story - I can see everything I own! I am in heaven! The next few weeks, the posts will be limited due to my trying to get the land ready for the critters, but hopefully by the end of July (at the latest), the blog will be back to its daily posts.... for now, enjoy this "Worn" piece! Have a great weekend, y'all!!

Thrifted and altered about 20 years go! This was a dress originally and it came from the 'mound of clothing' pile that used to be in the processing room at the old Potters House.
Thrifted, Salvation Army, $5
Thrifted - it is actually from a square dancing dress I recently acquired!
These are either from Delia's or Alloy from a few years back.

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