Saturday Snapshots....................

Baby has pretty much gotten over her fear of Spirulina (the new kitten), and they snuggle together at night and the kitten cries her heart out when Baby is not in sight.... they have become inseparable.....

....and Baby LOVES having a little friend in the house!! There is a good chance that this barn kitten may very well be more inside than out ;)
Rarely do I get a clear picture of her inside.....
Most turn out like this........
....and this.....
The goats and chickens are still at the other location while I am working on fencing the field, building a coop and erecting a small barn for the critters. Since there is no garden this year at the other place, I have been letting them clean up the overgrowth in there!
It's funny, I open the gate for them to go into the garden, and they act as if they are getting away with something they aren't supposed to be doing..... Normally they beg for attention, but they don't dare to come near me in here... Pretty sure they think I will try to make them go back to their field!
Here, Ellen is pushing down the privet for Misty. Yay for teamwork!!!
I will never get tired of goats standing on two legs. 
EVER. Eli is a good seven feet tall when he stands on two legs - maybe even taller!!
My sweet sweet Ellie...... When she is in the mood for hugs, she won't leave you alone until she gets them!

The sheep will stay behind since they were here when I got to the location that was 'the acre'..... I'm sure they will be glad to not have to deal with the ol' bully Eli anymore! 
Baby got to play with Dale at the 'acre' - she does love her Dale-time!! 

You'll be where you are supposed to be soon!! I have dreamed for three years of being able to sip coffee from my porch all while looking at my little herd of critters and it is finally coming to fruition..... I still have to pinch myself from time to time to make sure this is really happening... that I made it happen... I manifested this dream into my reality.... and I cannot wait for it to all come together!!! Life. Is. Good. 

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