Weekly Roundup of #100happydays!

Wow... what a week! I have been at both ends of the emotional barometer and somehow managed to be at the best end over the last few days... things are brewing, the stars feel like they are aligning for something big.  I have been wrong in the past, but things are feeling so right. I am so excited, I want to share with my blogger world, but we all shall wait..... Hopefully I will have some exciting news to share in the next few months though!!! Here's to another week down in this project! Happy Friday y'all!! We have the blood moons next week to look forward to, as well as Good Friday - which is, according to the Farmers Almanac, THE time to plant the summer crops!

day 66:
Movie night with Wes Anderson.... Absolutely FUN!! 

day 67:
Saturday morning sunrise.....

day 68:
This day was pretty amazing - I had brunch with one of my best gal pals, then came home and baked the most AMAZING cake... As I made my deliveries for Sweet Stuff Sundays, I got to see one of my boyfriends!! I'm always torn between Team Jacob and Team Edward, but I totally lied and said I was 100% for Mr. Cullen this day... ;)

bonus pic from Sweet Stuff Sundays!
Brown sugar buttermilk cake with homemade caramel frosting.... 100% homemade from scratch with natural ingredients and totally GLUTEN FREE.

day 69:
Wow... self explanatory......

day 70:
Baby plants.... 

day 71:
Dreaming..... stumbled across this house out in the middle of no-man's-land and it got me thinking.... it's about time to start planning to take the plunge and have something like this, sitting smack in the middle of lots of land,  for us, Baby,  and my farm babies...

day 72:
...... My little back porch "thinking hub"...

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