weekly roundup of #100happydays!!!

Another week down! Check out all the other previous weeks HERE and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!
day 59:
A Friday estate sale surprised me with these treasures!!! 
day 60:
Muddy paws. This girl.......
day 61:
Baby goats at the other goat farm where my milk comes from..... eeeeeeeeek! Cuteness overload, right?
day 62:
Sisters. Milly & Misty. Every day I am thankful that Milly pulled through her sickness and is still here.... love these gals.
day 63:
A different beauty every morning.... same path, same time, everyday different.
day 64:
My mixtape this week..... made me verrrrrry happy. Click on the pic if you missed it and wanna take a listen.....
day 65:
Early morning run and an unexpected hello....

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