want/ need/ hear/ read

I just love THESE pink aviators by Ray Ban!! Not a very frugal price, but that's what makes them a 'want' and not a 'need'!
I have been craving French toast like crazy. This weekend I will have some, damnit! Last night I bought GF bread, maple syrup, and bacon (I already have eggs & powdered sugar). Gonna eat my pretty little heart out.


Again this week, I am recommending you to check out another blog, so this is my 'read' ...

"Sundara Mahila"

This gal just started and only has a few posts, but her very first post spoke to me volumes. I love hearing and reading about other women who are very close with their mothers. I am super close with mine and I can't imagine a life where that was not the case. I actually just met Priya through my blog and we met up for coffee just this week and she is a very inspiring woman with such a positive outlook and radiant heart. She is a case worker for the WIC program, a nutritionist, and she is very knowledgeable about alternative healing therapies. Her goal through her blog is to empower and build up these women (and all women) through her blog, so I suggest you bookmark her page....


Happy Thursday, y'all! We have almost made it to another weekend!

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