Good Morning!! Midweek Mixtape!!

It's time for the midweek mixtape! The adults of the farm family (Eli, Forest, Speckles, & Ellie) also wanted in on this post as well.... (mixtape is at the bottom of the page, FYI)

Ellie asked why in the world did the clouds decide to break right at dusk? She would have LOVED to spend more time with the sun yesterday!
Speckles:  "If I pretend that I don't see this thing (camera) staring me down, maybe it will go away. Nom Nom Nom Nom" .... Ha! Good ol' Specks. Never has been the ham like all of the others....
"La La La La La La Lahhhhhhh!"
 the singing trio! Even Forest back there has his mouth wide open too!

 "Whachooooo lookin' at?"
 The beautiful! The majestic! Eli!!
 Pancha-girl and Goldie, the Barnvelder!
 One of my no-name girls. She is one of my French Black Copper Marans. Usually pretty elusive.... pretty girl!
 ......annnnnnd now time for the midweek mixtape!!

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