Sunday funday farmday and a lil' sweet stuff!

After the flood of Saturday, I was hesitant to see what it looked like, but sooooo ready for some sunshine and meditation in the field with my animals. I was surprised - aside from a few small ponds (OK, huge mud puddles), all was well with the farm!
Baby got dirtier than she has been allowed to get in a lonnnnnnng time. She had her final checkup from the vet on Friday and was given an 'all clear' on barreling around the field. She was sweetly rewarded with.......mud.
no cloud in sight on Sunday.....
Regal Eli. Looking very .... uh.... regal.
Forest flashing a smile...
Sweet Speckles....
It is hard to explain the peace I feel and the positive energy I get from being out in the field with the fresh air, animals, and 'heart-speak'. It is a calm that is hard to explain....
My sweet Ellie. My protector.
Misty Lou Who....
Eli + Ellie = BFF 4EVER
Ellen McMeaniebutt. She's not really mean, just not very social. She's a little loner goat. She doesn't need anyone.... she's tough.
...but does love the camera.
After I got home from the farm, Baby got a bath and I headed out for a second screening of "LIFE - THE GRIOT" with a few friends. It was just as inspiring as the first time. Good stuff.

When I got home, Baby was clean, and I made banana pudding for my 'Sandi's Sweet Stuff Sunday' dessert.
...it was sooooo good, there is not a crumb left tonight!

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