Floods, Family, and a Film Screening....

This morning started off not so great.... the rain was pouring. Big time. Baby kept me up most of the night shivering because of the thunder.... even though she had on her Thundershirt. I crawled outta bed, drank coffee, mixed up some flour, yeast, and water for a little GF bread project, put on my trusty ol' blue raincoat, and headed to the farm. It was waaaaaaaay worse than I expected.

The whole field was flooded. I started to feel the gloom of the dark clouds pouring the rain down on me and then I remembered this song:

I spent the rest of my time out there filling up water for the chickens, replenishing their feed, making sure everyone had dry bedding, water, and hay, then started singing that song (well, the words I knew) and dancing and hopping around, and it made my dreaded, soggy, soaked-to-the-core self get in a better state of mind FAST!

After I got home from the farm, I decided to soak in a hot bath for a really, really, really, long time. I warmed the bath a good three times before I decided to get out and start getting ready for tonight's event: the premiere of a documentary that our friend, Matt DeGennaro made, "Life, the Griot". I got to hang out with family and friends that I don't normally get to see a lot of. I know that this has been a very passionate project for Matt, and the story sounded so inspiring and positive that Christian and I could not wait to see it!
Check out the trailer  ----->

LIFE The Griot (Official Trailer) from Surprisingly Professional Prods. on Vimeo.
It was all I had hoped for and more! Afterwards, there was a Q & A with Life and the director, Matt. Beautiful story, and beautifully shot - the shooting style and footage collected over the course of the last few years really showed the heart and soul put into this film. If you are in Athens, I highly recommend you go see this.
Life aka Lemuel LaRoche is something out of the ordinary - a breath of fresh air - a fine example of what I hope to be someday. A doer. An inspiration for sure.

After the screening, we all went around the corner for some drinks and snacks and talked about...
life - the film and our own goings on....
We then all went our separate ways and Christian and I walked back home feeling inspired... 

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