Sandi's Sweet Stuff Sunday (and some farm critter pics)

Another good Sunday down in the books! Woke up & made bacon, cheese eggs, and coffee.....
and then had my first few moments to sit and enjoy flipping through 'Whole Larder Love' ....... I didn't have long enough with this beautiful book before I had to head out to the farm and tend to a small fencing project, but this will be a daily read with my coffee for a while...good stuff here!
Baby tried to talk me out of taking her to the farm today - she claimed to want a day to just be lazy, but I know better.... she LOVES the farm and would have been so disappointed had I not taken her....
On a little sidenote, we started out the new year by giving up paper towels.... so far it hasn't been that big of a deal. We use cloth diapers instead, and our washer and dryer is actually IN the kitchen, so it super easy to throw them into wash! Little things like this DO make a big difference in the environment AND your wallet!
Before I started any fence work, I trimmed up Milly's hooves.... she is the easiest one to do this to - all the others put up a fight! Because of all the doctoring I've had to do with her over the years, she is pretty much good with whatever needs to be done, and used to the attention. I will forever be grateful that she wasn't taken from me when she got sick.... she was worth every penny and every bit of time! I'm feeling pretty good about saying that she may be out of her shirt PERMANENTLY this summer! Her skin is looking very good these days!!
So, my fencing issue.... I am moving the fence line over about 10 feet and taking out a bend and creating a cleaner and stronger fence... You see, when I put this line up (when all this was new to me), I didn't really do it right - no cross post, corner post, etc..... but hey, I am still learning and with every day, I get better!
Baby was acting as foreman on this job ;) she kept me on my toes....
After first phase of job was done, I couldn't resist sitting in the field and chilling with my Milly-poo. She has the best positive energy. If only I could figure out how to bottle it! 
After the farm it was home for leftovers (yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet peas!) and then I decided to make gluten free chocolate chip cookies for today's 'Sandi's Sweet Stuff Sunday' treat! Boy, did they turn out good!!!

I made another trip back out to the farm to put everyone up and talk to my awesome farm neighbor, (William's story here) who is going to help me with this job and make it a hundred times easier!! I really am lucky to have such good friendly neighbors...
Baby and I got home, I ate some soup and Christian and I played a few games of chess..... I lost both games right off the bat. I am not very good at losing, so I decided to practice a few more times before I played another game with Christian.... yeah, so I am a little bit of a sore loser - I am gonna work on it, alright!  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.... I had a great weekend and am gonna throw some good vibes into the coming days! Hope you all have a magnificent Monday!!
Xoxo - Sandice


  1. This had made my day! I love your blog!
    It's so inspirational and fun!
    Love, love love!!

    1. Yay! Well, at least its kind of like we aren't so far apart this way! Love you!! If only you could taste these Sunday goodies... Tomorrow is going to be a layered chocolate cake in honor of National Chocolate Cake Day on Monday! I'm drooling already....