Pot roast, fashionable farm fun, & American Hustle!

Today was goooooooooood.
I started the morning off with some coffee and pot roast prep....I have been really craving a good ol' pot roast with mashed taters and gravy and sweet peas...so that was the plan. I haven't gotten to use my new Le Creuset pot yet and this seemed like the perfect way to break her in!

 While that was cooking, I headed out to the farm. It was soooooooooo beautiful, I decided to have a supplemental "what I wore" post thrown in here with the farm critters....
What I wore:
Shirt: Men's Fruit of the Loom tank
Skirt: thrifted
Socks: Target
Shoes: Rocketdog from Amazon
Jacket: Mossimo - Target

 After the farm, I came back home and the roast was ready....
 [insert Baby's signature beg pic here] ;)

 .....and it was soooooo delish! After our bellies were full,  we headed out to see 'American Hustle' -

 it.was.AWESOME. Christian Bale was hot even as a balding big-bellied man. He will always be my crush.... <3 Not gonna post any spoilers here, but go see it if you haven't yet!! The weekend's not over yet!! Happy Saturday!!!!

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