It's 2014!!!!

Ughhhhhh! I'm so not ready to go back to work... I mean I'm thankful for my job, but I have really gotten used to blogging, farming, creating, cooking, lazing, and having a lunchtime hour long bath every day- at my leisure...I have felt like royalty with this time off work. I actually realized that I have never treated this time off like I should - I mean normally I plan so many things that I NEED to get done on my break, that I don't actually take advantage of my down time! I have loved spending so much time with my one and only, Christian. I have been adventurous in the kitchen, cooking something new everyday and it's actually been really great and super tasty (poor Christian coming from the very flavorful state of Louisiana has been a real trooper with my bland and boring meals the last 14 years)!! We have had a blast going thrifting together like the old days ... not to mention he TREATED me to all of my treasures on my break ! It has been waaaaaaaay too much fun and I'm sad for the 'free for all' to  be over... I went back to work yesterday morning for only a half day to officially close out the year, and tomorrow will be the official beginning of another work year.... (Sigh).....
2014 officially began today and last night I hung out with my girlfriends for some pre-midnight fun.
IMG_5453We shared stories of the last year, and I was able to get one of the best moments from the night with my phone. Thank you, Stephanie (the birthday gal of the eve) for some inspirational words of wisdom when asked what she had learned in the last year...
As each passing year goes by, my actual midnight New Years festivities seem to get a little more toned down... Last night I left the party around 10:30 to have a quick 'catch up' with Lauren and meet her sister - Julianne, and her husband. Then off to the house to have my New Years kiss with Christian. Ha! I got home around 11 and had to practically force myself to stay awake til midnight.... I got my kiss, a midnight text from my mom, and was out like a light by 12:03. Super exciting....
Photo 1-2
This morning I woke up and headed to the farm to wish all the farm critters a Happy New Year and then came home and started lunch. I made blackeyed peas, mashed taters, brussel sprouts and bacon, mac and cheese, and cornbread......(drool). Lauren came over and ate with us and afterwards we went for coffee and cookies....
....and then was the very first 'suppertime stroll' of 2014. Me, Faye, Whitney, Cora, and Christian started the year off right!! The backwards Barrow burned all of our booties and we had the best group hug of the year ;)
Now, I'm off to catch some ZzzzzzZZzzzzz.........

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