Hawks, beautiful skies, and 2014 goals.....

IMG_5480Nothing to really write today except that today was NASTY, and COLD!! Brrrr! Oh, and I found a hawk eyeballin' my sweet hens... yesssssss...... This beautiful bird (and from what I have read, a lucky spiritual animal) was perched on one of my fenceposts while I doled out hay and let all the animals out for the day. I was so shocked at how close I had gotten to it and not known! I ran to grab my phone, and when I came back, it was still there, so I got some great pics!!  I did feel like I was being watched, but I am a scaredy cat and kindof always feel like that ;)
IMG_5478Needless to say, I left my girls cooped up and think I will do that for the next couple of days. It's really cold anyway, and normally they would just all huddle together in the goat barn, so maybe they won't be too mad with me...
This evening after the rain stopped, it got REALLY windy and the sky was just gorgeous....IMG_5486 IMG_5493
The one below looks like some massive storm is swallowing the town....IMG_5501
Well, I made it through my first whole workday since the WHOLE WEEK OFF for Christmas.... It was sooooooo hard to get up and get going this morning, but tomorrow is Friday! One of my New Years goals is to really take advantage of the weekends, so I'm excited to figure out what to do...

Some of my other goals for the New Year:

Suppertime Strollin' AT LEAST four times a week

Morning runs AT LEAST three times a week (but I am giving myself a break until the weather warms up :0 )

Post at least one outfit per week that has been pieced together from thrift finds in my closet (hmmmmm....maybe Wardrobe Wednesdays?)

When weather permits, I would like to get back to the Sunday BFF photoshoots

Be on time. PERIOD. I have known for 13 years what time work starts. Why is it so hard to get there on time?? I even get up hours early... gonna work on it though!! No more 8:04.....

Post weekly mood boards... Maybe Moodboard Mondays!!

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Be supportive of ALL the people in my life that matter - it is not about ME, whatever makes THEM happy, I need to learn to zip my mouth, and just be supportive. I do that a lot already, but I want to work more on JUST LISTENING and being supportive without throwing my opinion in the mix unless it's asked for....

Worry less & be more spontaneious

Practice gratitude MORE - notice I said more... I think there is always room for improvement!

Sew more

Try to get more time in being "Grounded". I have been practicing for about a month now, but again, there is always room for improvement...

Make one sweet treat every Sunday. I used to do this years ago when I worked at this old drug store (HORTON'S), and I would bake Sundays and take all the elderly customers desserts on Mondays. They gave my treats the nick-name "Sandi's Sweet Stuff". Well, the tradition is on again and this time the recipients of any leftovers (if there are any) will be my farm neighbors William and Troyce Ann....

Try to eliminate ALL store bought packaged foods.

take in more new music...

Go on more mini road trips with Christian and Baby!

Cook a BIG breakfast every Saturday.

Give back and pay it forward more than I do now (there can never be too much of this)

Always make time for family. Always.

Plan a trip to see faraway friends..... I am thinking Maine.....

Plan a better garden this year.(last year I got a little lazy)

Take more pictures.

So there you have it! Feel free to share what your resolutions or goals are in 2014 - I'd love to hear!

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