Brrrrrrr! Too cold for farm stuff.....

Today was cold and I could barely take it - I cannot even begin to imagine what 8 degrees is going to feel like in the morning when I feed the animals.....This evening Lauren helped me seal up the chicken coop with plastic and we put plenty of hay in there as well... fingers crossed no one freezes....I don't know what else I could have done. Eli was very mean today and I think it was due to him being so cold. His winter coat has come in nicely and I am certain he will be just fine - he and Ellie always sleep cuddled, so with a freshly fluffed bed and some cuddling, I am hoping they will be okay too! I'm not too worried about the sheep, they have their nice woolly coat, and the babies are just gonna have to hug up on each other tonight and tomorrow. I have increased their food by almost double in hopes to keep their rumen moving and their metabolism up. I am gonna TRY to get them running around in the morning before i have to head into work. I still can't imagine what that will be like. I was almost at my cold limit this eve. Here are a few pics of the coop, Lauren (although you'd never know it was her, and our funny flea market ski masks..... it's never too cold for a laugh, right?

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