The day after Christmas = Lazy farm day.

The day after Christmas was cold and sunny - perfect! I have been letting Milly go shirtless - she has a few hot spots on her, but I feel like the cold, clean air and the sunshine have got to be good for her skin. She seems to be enjoying the freedom of no shirt as well! My sweet girl always seems to have a smile on her face......
Eli always gets super fluffy in the winter and looks like such a regal, strong, Alpine mountain goat!!
Forest still doesn't get everyone's fascination with the camera.... I have to really want a close up of him and Speckles. They are not attention hams like the goats....
It's 'Goat Face Identification Time'!! I can easily tell all three babies apart (yes, they are almost THREE YEARS OLD, but I still call them my babies...) - they have such different snouts for one... This one is Misty. She is the only white goat out here with absolutely NO freckles on her nose. She also is the only one with wattles.
This is Milly - Misty's twin sister -  her little snout has big freckles...
This is Ellen. She is the daughter of Eli & Ellie. She also has a freckled snout, but in addtion to that, she has the cutest "airplane" ears. They look like they are ready to take flight! She also has this cute little curl at the corners of her mouth that make her appear to be smiling all the time. Aside from her physical characteristics, she is a 'wild child'. She doesn't want or need to be petted and loved on like the others, she is very independent, and acts just like her dad....
This is Ellie. Ellen's mama. She is the only non-white goat I have. She and Eli were my very first goats ever. She is super protective and affectionate. Her and Eli are the only one with horns out here, so they are kept in a paddock separate from the other girls. She also has the curl at the lips that look like a permasmile, and she has NO freckles. She also has different ears than anyone else out here....
This is Eli. Ellie's 'husband' and Ellen's mama. He has HUGE horns and a freckled snout. VERY easy to tell him apart from the others.
No on to a few girls of the hen squad..... this is Pancha (you can read all about her story HERE)
This is (left to right) an Americauna with no name, Cuckoo (in the back), and Leghorn....
This is Aeon Clux. She is a rescue also - rescued from the highway after falling from a chicken truck. You can read her story HERE.
Forest and Speckles...
Hey, mama - come here....
Hmmmmm.... what's this in your horn, Eli? Have you been being a bully to the sheep again?
Ohhhhhh, no! Just playing around a bit! Look at this face.... no bad boy stuff going on here... ;)
Baby's tired. She can't run around too long before her leg gets a little sore... She had a second knee surgery back in August and is still mending. By Spring she should be good as new!!
Now that everyone had their time in the spotlight, it's time for snoozing.....
C'mon, Baby....ready to go?
Hope you all had a beautiful time with family and friends and ate too much like myself.... It's almost the weekend!!

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