Saturday visit from an old friend.....

This whole week has been awesome - Christian was home for Christmas for the first time since 2009, I have been able to avoid much farm work because of the abundance of rain (yippee! and dang! all at the same time), and then the week was wrapped up nice and pretty with a visit from my friend, Justin!! I hadn't seen him in years! He has a beautiful partner, Stina and they have a beautiful little girl named Elsa.
My glittery red shoes were still under the coffee table from the Christmas benefit I did TWO WEEKS AGO (yeah, I know...maybe it's time to clean?) and Elsa needed to try them out....
Photo 3-2
We hung around the house for a bit, drank coffee, and then headed down to The Grit for some brunch.....It was delish! Justin used to work here waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day when I would never eat there...I mean, I was never a vegetarian, so why bother? Bahahahaha! - that was before I was adventurous enough to try tofu....and then I was hooked (on THEIR tofu)!! Photo 4-2
Photo 5-1
Unfortunately the weather was not exactly perfect for a farm visit, but doable, and the rain was light enough for a teensy visit..... IMG_5325
It took Elsa a few minutes to take in the farm from her mama's arms before she was ready to be freeeeeeeeeeee!
Oh, man - I just could eat up that little cherub baby!! Is she just not the cutest?
Stina was getting some love from Misty......
.....and then the bottom fell out.....
...this was where it got really fun for Elsa....
Elsa was NOT going to let a few drops rain on her parade! She got to play a few more minutes before it got too wet, rainy, and cold to stay...
Then they were off! What a nice Christmas treat.

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