It's September! Boo For Shorter Days, But Yay For Cooler Temps!!

Seems the hottest days of the Summer are behind everyone here at the 'Acre', and with all the rain, the field is lush and bountiful! I haven't had to buy any hay since the Winter - Cha-CHING! It's been nice!! Aside from the field being full of food, the neighbor, William, has been throwing cuttings from his tree pruning over the fence for the goats. They have been very fat, full, and happy goats as of late.....and without me buying ANY TREATS!! Whoop!
Milly is still doing exceptionally well this whole year. She can go periods without wearing a shirt, and then when she starts to get bored and starts chewing a little too much on herself, it's time to put the shirt back on. She doesn't mind though - she is one happy gal and had she been anywhere else but 'About An Acre', she'd most likely not be around to hang with her twin, Misty. 
Ellen has toned down the attitude lately and is more affectionate than she used to be, although I have learned she doesn't care for kids as much as Milly and Misty! Oh, Ellen! What am I gonna do with you!?
Oh, Eli! My sweet majestic big ol' baby! He gets sweeter with age - Lauren just had to take care of the farm while I was out of town and his normally intimidating ways seem to have calmed down a bit. He knows ain't nobody gonna mess with him here! 

Not sure what this little lavender bloom is, but it's pretty much the only thing left in bloom in the field! The goats and sheep have devoured all the other colorful buds! 
All the rain has left little mushroom surprises here and there............
Forest and Speckles are really looking sharp in their Fall coats ;)

Ellie is so dang tough. She had some type of lesion on her leg about the size of a quarter a few weeks ago and she wouldn't dare let me put anything on it! She is so independent and was able to take care of that leg until it healed up (without my help)....

Ellie is the sweetest most loving girl and is very protective of me when I am in the field....
...and has such a regal look about her.....
Hey, you little stinker......

The chickens have lost a few flock members this last year, but I believe it has made them appreciate each other more. Here from front to back we have Cuckoo, Pancha, and Aeon. These gals all have very different stories and have decided that now they can enjoy each others company! Cuckoo came from Conyers, GA from a specialty breeder when she was about 5 months old and Pancha was the lone survivor of a predator's attack and her owners decided to let her come here and be with other chicken friends. She was hesitant to get comfy here at first, trying to fly away (I had to clip her wings that day), but after a smooth, well-monitored transition, she fits in jusssssst fine (you can read Pancha's story HERE! Aeon of course was rescued out of the road after she fell from a chicken truck! You can read Aeon's story HERE !

Hey little kitty sitting all by your lonesome on the tracks..... You best be careful! You gotta watch out - the train comes by every thirty minutes or so, you know! 
Baby's excitement is always the same for farm time - she LOVES her chickens, goats, and sheep!! 
Lookie! Apples and pears!! 

Sweet Swirls awaits feeding time.......
Misty thinks the green stuff on this side of the fence isn't as tasty as the green stuff on the other side......

Check out this beautiful foggy sunrise!! 

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom ..................

Peek-A-Boo! I see you, sweet Milly-poo! 
Ummmmm, no, kids. Goats don't REALLY eat everything. Misty is actually the pickiest eater out here! 
"Yes, child. I DO love hugs. Keep holding my head in your hands so adoringly..... Can you stay?"
"Oooooooh - ooooooh! Hey mama!!"
Sniff sniff...

I had some helpers to pick the very last of the beans! Buh-bye summer garden!!


The path to the farm..... aside from the spider webs, it's almost heavenly! 

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