A Short Holiday Away From The 'Acre'......

We took a train ride on one of the old steam engine logger trains... My uncle Dutch has been telling us all about this train since last year.
What fun!!

Inside one of the logger cabins..... I was so into make-believing and playing that I forgot to get a picture of the outside..... ooops. As you can see, I am taking down a phone message here... ;)
Hello? Hello? Anyone there?
Almost time for a nap on these comfy looking bunks....
Care for a cup of coffee?
Up in the ol' West Virginia, they bake eggs....
Mmmmmmm-mmmmm! I can only imagine how good this soup will taste! Alright - enough playing around, now on to the rest of the trip! 
Another steam engine climbing the mountain as we were coming down it...

My mom and my uncle Cecil.

Uncle Dutch was in heaven on that old train!


Sadie had been slaving away ALL day making delicious mud pies for our visit! Oh - and what is a party without bubba teef??

Bubba teef AND a mustache! What?!?!?

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