More Photos From This Lovely Weekend Con't....

 Another big day! Took full advantage of this sunshine to get a lot accomplished!! First, I headed to the feed store to get my goat minerals, some black oil sunflower seeds, and some meal-worm treats for the chickens. Then, since I was planning on being out there for several hours, I let Milly go shirtless. She did pretty good! I still don't trust leaving her alone out there with no shirt on, but nonetheless, she did good without one today! Baby and Dale enjoyed their playdate and I was able to do a little hoof trimming on Milly as well. I am going to have to get Misty in the stanchion to get hers trimmed - she was NOT having it today.... so that's about all - enjoy these new photos from today! Again the lighting was PERFECT!!

 Milly.....SHIRTLESS!!!!! Doesn't she look great!?!?!?

 Nom Nom Nom Nom...

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