Athens Food Tours! What a Great Turnout!!

Today the farm had about 15 visitors from the "Athens Food Tours". I decided to throw together a mini scrambler for the famished cyclists that I made from all ingredients from the farm.... I cracked open about 11 eggs, thinly sliced peppers from the garden, thinly sliced an 'Abe Lincoln' and 'Black Krim" heirloom tomatoes and tossed them in a skillet. Then I crumbled freshly made goat cheese that I had made earlier with some smoked paprika and dill and let it melt in the egg, tomato, & pepper mixture. I put out salt and pepper to taste and viola! An easy made mini meal in the garden! Everyone also had the option of trying an ice cold bit of raw goat milk as well!

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  1. congrats Sandi! Everything you do you do with panache!