Not Quite A Full Moon....

The last ten days have been fun and educational at the acre...I learned how to thin carrots - I planted things for the fall garden: spinach, peas, green beans, broccoli, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. I had visitors out that I never expected! We finally got rain! Milly is doing really great and steadily improving. I am still slowly harvesting things from the summer garden as well - at the moment I am still getting okra, green beans, tomatoes, purple bell peppers, jalapenos, and herbs.

There are a ton of cats on the acre, but they usually don't come around and ask for attention.....well, last week was an exception I guess.....

The horse that resides in the neighboring pasture came over to visit as well..... such a stunning beauty!
Notice the two baby deer in the background of this picture....they also made an appearance at the acre and have been hanging around every day for the last week... 

Milly is getting around much better! She still had wobbly hind legs, but she hasn't had any meds since the end of August! She seems more secure and has no reservations about claiming herself "Queen Of The Goat Hut" either -

These beautiful little doelings have been hanging around the last couple of weeks...unfortunately their mother was the whole reason I had to put up deer netting around my garden - I am pretty sure she was hit by a car earlier in the month. I saw her laying by the road. She had an unmistakable look about her - an unusually large head - almost horselike! So these poor little things are orphans...and so young!

We finally got RAIN!!!! Not as much as I had hoped for, but any and all rain will be welcomed!! The animals couldn't wait to get back out to graze on the freshly watered pasture...

The hens went wild out there! It was a real field day for them! They ventured out more than normal after the rain...

Ellen is STILL nursing on Ellie and due to the fact that she is pretty much the SAME SIZE AS ELLIE, she can only nurse if her front legs are on her knees...she is so used to eating this way, she has started eating her grain this way as well....silly girl!

My little garden is sooooo happy to have gotten a little rain!


  1. Nice to see things looking so wet!

    Great pics. Shame about the deer mom, but I'm sure the young 'uns will be fine.

  2. Oh. the poor little fawns. They do have much less of a chance for making through the winter without their Mother. Will you adopt them?

    So good to see Milly up and smiling. :-)

    My doeling does the knee stuff too. She is WAY to big to be still nursing. Funny, that your doeling kneels for other food. It gave me a smile. Goats are the BEST!

    Pretty horse. I want one.

  3. I have been trying to get the lil fawns to feel comfortable coming over - its kindof a double edged sword - the white tail deer is the carrier of the meningeal worm that Milly got earlier in the year BUT I see deer running through this field all the time anyway so I really don't think it would matter if I had these babies as well...they are very skiddish and will only come close to about 20 feet away, then the minute I take a step, they are gone! I have been leaving water out for them...I feel OK knowing that their are at least two of them - they have each other...any ideas on getting them to trust me?