The Beginning of Autumn At The 'Acre'.....

Here are a few photos I took last night while at the acre. The days are getting shorter and when I get out to the farm, the way the sun kisses everything, makes even the weeds look magical. It paints the treetops golden and when the the babies kick up dust, even that sparkles! It is totally dark at 8pm now, which means I have to get started earlier in the evening on my chores....Soon when the time changes, it will be dark by 7pm and that means more fun, chilly, coffee-filled evenings with Christian and Baby!

Milly is such a little trooper...she has been through so much in her short little life, but is pulling through with a smile!

Pecans will be ready sooooon! Getting ready to make pies and candies!!
Lucky is guarding the coop...she makes sure the other ladies stay in line....

Baby makes the rounds every evening looking for any signs of that pesky fox that used to hang around....
Fall colors are popping up here and there out in the field!!!

  I am helping out with the kick-off to Breastfest at the Melting Point here in Athens, GA. This event is being brought to you by Athens Vertical Pole Dance Academy and is intended to bring awareness about breast cancer. There will be an auction including art and donations from local businesses and several female innovators who either started their own business, created buzz about town with their ideas, or they simply are Women Who Own It!! I am honored to be a part of this event and will be the emcee as well as the DJ. I will be on hand to answer any questions about the farm, my very first year sowing a seed, or anything else you may like to ask about the 'acre'. Now on to the 'acre' updates.......

   Luckily the garden is in between seasons and slowing down. We have been getting a fair amount of rain out here, and I haven't had to water as much. The grass is returning back to its beautiful green color!

   Milly is still doing great but has a few hot spots that she refuses to let heal....I have stopped milking Ellie so that she can fatten up good for the winter and Eli, Misty, Milly, Ellen, Speckles, Forest, the chickens, and Ellie are all enjoying this cooler weather.  Soon I will be replacing the entire backside field fencing so that all fencing will be in great shape. William the awesome neighbor is going to help with clearing off the old fence-line which has become overgrown with pine trees, privet, poison oak, and overgrown weed-trees...he has a plethora of good ol' farm equipment and tractors and is always willing to lend a hand.

   I haven't had any success with getting the fawns to come any closer than 20 feet, but I have been leaving water out for them. They seem to just hang out in the neighbors field and play all day and I haven't seen them near the road.

   Last weekend I cleaned out the barn, chicken coop, and the greenhouse and started getting things ready for the fall. This will be my very first fall with a garden and I am just trying different things out to see what works and fails so that next year I can be better at this whole gardening thing. At the moment the only things that look like they are doing awesome are the snow peas and the carrots...

   The horses that were in need of a home in the neighboring pasture are now gone, so I can only hope they went to a nice place where they were free to roam and eat and get lots of love!

   Well, thanks for stopping by again and I can't wait for the leaves to fall forming beautiful colorful puddles - I will be taking plenty of pictures for sure! 

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