Buttermilk Acres....A Breath of Fresh Air!

Many of you may not have been followers of the blog in the beginning where I spoke of the Hendersons...They actually gave me my very first milking lesson, my first sip of goat milk, my VERY SCARY first farm-sitting experience. Last July, they had planned to go on a long weekend trip to scout out some possible places to move their farm that was located in Athens, GA. I had only had about 20 seconds of milking experience and NEVER had the opportunity to tend to a farm and I just offered my NON-EXPERIENCED time to help them out while they were gone for three days....WAS I CRAZY?? Well, they didn't seem to think so and they let me have a go at it - they trusted me with their babies and I was SCARED TO DEATH. Mrs. Henderson typed up a nice list of chores and laid out the easiest way to do everything and we did a few walk throughs before they left. It seemed pretty doable...and I did pretty good. Got a few chickens mixed up, and unfortunately one that had been sick passed away while they were gone, but all in all that is just part of farming and I got my first REAL lesson in those three days. I wanted what they had...I wanted the serenity of beginning each morning and ending each day with the sunrise and sunset backdrop with loving goats and chickens (yes, they actually DO have personalities too!).

When the Hendersons returned, they had a few places they were interested in and within a month, they were planning the big move. I followed the move on their blog Springlake Farms, and enjoyed watching them get all set up on their new farm - the old house they were renting even had in indoor spring! This was a temporary stop for them and were able to find THE PLACE to build their dream just down the way in Trade, TN.

They found the perfect land, with a foundation for their home already in place - you see, the original home had burnt down years ago. The Hendersons were ready to make the move and start building from the ground up. It wouldn't be easy by any means, but with the dedication and drive and heart and soul they are willing to put in day in and day out, I am watching Buttermilk Acres come together beautifully. If you follow this blog, you will be truly inspired by the hard work and diligence this couple manages to put forth every day. Thank you for getting me started, Don & Sandy! You guys are truly an inspiration to all who are looking to live a more sustainable life!

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  1. Sandi - What a quick study you were! And truly anyone following in our footsteps would be lending themselves to the old adage of "the blind leading the blind"! :) But we are learning as we go as you are. What a tremendous leap you have taken and your farm and animals are flourishing. Keep up the good work and come see us in the mountains (of course, that would now mean that you will now have to find a farm-sitter too, I hope you have a good of luck as we did). Take care, Sandy