Rise & Shine.....NOW!!

I was about 15 minutes late getting down to the acre this morning and you would have thought I was hours late! Those ladies were talking up a storm until I opened that little door. At 7:15am I opened it and by 7:16am, all were out except for a few that still haven't quite figured out how the door and ramp work....

Eli has his pink nose back and is 100% healed, so the middle of May, he's gonna go from a buck to a wether - that is when the vet will have an opening to do the snip....ahhh! Maybe that will keep him from peeing on his face! This weekend I started a ton of seeds - you see, the garden is no where near ready for planting yet and all of the seeds that were started in February went to waste unfortunately. Not really so sure about the gardening part of this venture just yet - it seems we should be way ahead of where we are right now, but the vacant, overgrown lot has been a real task to clear out and there is still a good bit to be done. Jason plowed the ground a few weeks ago, but it still needs to be clear of rocks, roots, grass clumps, etc., and then the manure and compost tilled in. At this point, it may be easier to find a spot that we can get started on immediately rather than waste anymore time cleaning and clearing...I will keep you posted and should have more info on our plans by the end of the week!

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