Princess Day For New Momma - Ellie, and the Baby Girls On May 7th - Mother's Day Weekend!!

About An Acre is having a princess day for the new momma, Ellie and the baby girls on May 7, 2011 - Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. Jason will not be involved, so don't mention this to him - he already thinks I am coo-coo for the animals out here and he will find out soon enough....this is a GIRLS ONLY princess day and we would love to have girls of all ages come out on May 7th to participate in pampering the new baby goat girlies Ellen, Milly, and Misty as well as Ellie. The first princess session will be at 9am. It will begin promptly at 9am with a morning bottle-feeding for Misty and Milly and Ellie will let Ellen nurse. After the feedings, we will play with and spoil all the goat girlies and maybe comb them, brush them, put ribbons in their hair, etc....the second princess session will start promptly at 2pm the same day and will include the same things as it will be their feeding time again. This is an open invitation for ladies of all ages; mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, etc. Please email me with questions or to let me know you are coming. 


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