Great Opportunities.....

Jason has gotten an amazing opportunity to raise up close to 300 chicks, 40 turkeys, and dozens of Boer goats. We decided that would definitely be too much for the little ol' acre to handle and he will solely be tending to the new HUGE farm responsibilities and I am going to continue on with the acre - I will just have a smaller more manageable garden. This is a really exciting turn of events and I can't wait to keep up with the growth of all those birds and baby Boers. Hopefully I can be successful at growing a few things in my first ever garden! Here are some photos of the new herd of little creatures Jason is taking over:

The goats are so cute and just a little bit bigger than Misty and Milly. Boer goats are meat goats and raised for  - well, meat. They will be raised in the pasture by all natural means and then bred. The Boers at Jason's are from a great bloodline and will be the stock animals for future breeding of meat goats. Maybe by this time next year or even sooner, we can see some little kids from these!
The chicks are almost overwhelming to someone like me - too much responsibility for a beginner like myself, but I will be happy to watch the progress from afar!

The turkey chicks should be ready by Thanskgiving and will be 100% naturally raised in a pasture with no antibiotics or hormones - I know where my turkey is gonna come from!
Eli is all better and soon will be reunited with Ellie and he will meet Ellen for the first time ever! I called the veterinarian yesterday to get some advice on how to handle putting him back in the field with Ellie, Ellen, and Misty and Milly. Eli is getting neutured the end of May and I just wanted to be sure of some things before I put them all in the same field. Dr. Mike Dzimianski has been a lifesaver in helping me out with these goats. I know I ask too many questions, but I just don't want to do anything wrong with these babies!

I will also be reducing my chicken flock so that it will be more manageable for one person - Jason will keep the ones I don't put on the acre, which means I will be building a smaller coop - possibly getting the 'About An Acre' carpenters to build me one like they built for their own mini flock.
All in all I am a little anxious about the move in this direction and a little scared not to have Jason's help with all this farming stuff, and I am sure he will be giving me advice daily! The best way to learn is to jump in head first, right?? The new space for the acre needs a little work - some fencing, the new coop, and setting up my smaller garden space - photos soon to come! Ellie is very excited to be reunited with her best buddy, Eli!!

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