I have been asked these questions more than a few times, so I created this page to better get to know me. 

What is your fashion style? 
I think it is safe to say that my style is colorful. I love most anything that involves bright colors. I am also low maintenance - my hair is dyed maybe once a year when i really 'need' a mood booster, and daily makeup will never be more than a little blush, my homemade lip balm, and mascara.

Do you remember when you first got interested in thrifting?
Yes! I was maybe 13 and my mom and my friend's mom used to drop us off downtown to just hang out, meet up with friends, etc. It was like our version of going to the mall. That is when I discovered the meaning of vintage. There were several stores downtown that sold vintage clothing, old Levis, platform shoes, and bell bottom pants. Some of the stores that I can remember back in those days were Granny's attic, Uncle Alberts, Go Clothing, and the Oracle. I know there were several more back in those days, just can't think of them off the top of my head.... anyway, once we realized that most of those places got their clothes from the Potters House, Salvation Army, and estate sales, I decided to cut out the middle man and oh,  did I have a ball doing it! Every single weekend you could catch me in the 'mountain of clothing' at the thrift stores where I would walk out with garbage bags full of cool clothes (the clothing was sold by the pound back then) that I would then alter, reinvent, and make them my own! There hasn't been a moment since that i have not appreciated the art of thrifting.

Where are you from originally? Did you grow up on a farm?
I am from Athens, GA. I grew up just outside of the city limits (in Jackson county) about 7 miles from downtown Athens on a country road. I did not grow up on a farm or ever even think about farming growing up. My grandma used to have a big garden behind her house and I actually cringed every time I would have to go out and help pick beans, tomatoes, etc. - bugs and bees freaked me out and if I could avoid anything to do with gardening or the outdoors, I would at all costs!

How did you get into blogging?
I started it back in 2010 as a way to document my experience in learning a bit more where my food came from. The documentary 'Food Inc' had just came out, I saw it and got curious. I teamed up with some old high school friends who grew up on working farms and they took me on a few 'field trips' to educate me a bit on farm life, where foods come from, and little adventures in permaculture. Those field trips sparked me to want to document those experiences for others to read about and so the blog was born -  it was first called 'about an acre', but because it is now about nine acres, and evolved into a platform for me to also document my thrifting adventures as well as promote online sales on vintage clothes, and housewares, and share recipes, the name changed to what it is now: the frugal fashionable farmer.

Is blogging your full-time job?
Ha! no. It would be nice to be able to do this and my farm as my income producing job, but I actually had a full-time job as an office manager at a small company for 20 years, and now I do a little dog sitting, plant care, and of course the vintage shop. Most of the ideas for content come to me super early in the mornings before my morning gets started while I am sipping my coffee, during a moment of tackling something on the farm, or on the weekends, while the actual blogging is done in the lulls of my day - mostly early mornings or late nights. Blogging does take up quite a bit of time, but I enjoy it and look at it like a therapeutic hobby! I also enjoy getting emails from the readers showing support or asking questions to get their own little farming adventure or garden started. I have even had readers out to tour the farm as well, so I get a lot of enjoyment out of the blog and interacting with readers. 

How many animals do you have?
All are rescues and I have six chickens, two goats - Ellie & Ellen, Spirulina the cat, my horses Rose and Buddy, two rescue dogs - Reece & Poptart, three ducks - Quackaroni, Cheese, and Quack Nicholson, and a former fighting rooster named Cluck Norris, so.....  17 animals! wow! When I started the farm on my own, I had five goats, 24 chickens, a few sheep, a cat and a dog. Over time I have lost a few, as the majority of the animals here are special needs, sight impaired, or senior animals. The ducks, dogs, and rooster came from the local county pound, and Buddy came from a Georgia horse rescue. I love being able to offer a place of peace and quiet for the animals in their time need! 

What kind of camera do you use? 
In the early days of the blog, I used to use a very practical point-and-shoot (Canon Powershot sx130) that was super durable and great with taking a  beating (the animals knocked it out of my hands several times)! My camera of choice for the farm now is my iPhone, and when I shoot the 'what I wore' segments, I use a Canon Rebel t3i EOS with a basic EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. In the end though, it is the photographer's eye that makes for the most beautiful photos - NOT the camera. Yes, with a more expensive camera, good photo software, and better lenses I could have more control, but A: my budget does not allow for such pricey tools & B: as you can see with all of my farm animals, that iPhone produces some absolute stunning pictures.

My blog is 100% independently operated, which means I am my own photographer, stylist, food artist, and model (ha!)....so at the end of the day, I just use whatever is easiest and works!

How do you have the time to fit everything in?
I get asked this a lot. I wish there were an answer better than this one, but the truth is, I am obsessed with organization and time management. I look at what I want to get done vs what I need to get done and I make lists and schedule in what needs to be done first and fill in any possible gaps with what I want to do (blogging, farm therapy (goat hugs and such), baking, land maintenance, time with my favorite redhead and my indoor animals, the vintage shop, and thrifting). At the end of this process, pretty much everything I want to do is getting done and I still have room for random unplanned adventures ;)

How long have you and Christian been together and why don't you talk about him much on the blog?
Ahhhh, yes. The elusive Christian... he is extremely supportive and a very big part of my life, but he chooses not to be active in social media (actually avoids it like the plague), so I respect his wishes and try not to exploit him too much...although occasionally I have been known to sneak in a photo here and there ;) We met in 1998 and bashfully crushed on each other from afar until we actually started talking and hanging out at the end of 1999, when we officially became a couple. We moved in together in 2001, and the rest is history!

How often do you actually have to do 'work' at the farm?
Well, every day there are small things like letting the animals out, feeding them snacks, collecting eggs, topping waters off, and closing them up at night, raking horse manure, however, there is a good bit of 'work' on a daily basis. The real work stuff like cleaning out the chicken coop has to be done once a month - more often in the wintertime if the temps are so cold that I leave them cooped up for warmth. About twice a week all year I clean and scrub the water buckets and refill with fresh water. The old or not-so-fresh water gets reused on potted flowers randomly scattered around the property.... on the off chance that we will get snow or abnormally low temperatures, I may have to prepare the coop (seal up with some poly wrap) and keep the animals closed up for a day here or there just to make sure they are warm. A rescue farm this size is very doable for most people without children I would think if you are good with managing time... 

Do you want to eventually do photography for a living?
As much as I love photography and having such great subjects, I don't ever want it to be my 'job'. I love it too much for it to be something that I am required to do for income. Occasionally I’ll shoot weddings or graduation/ engagement/ lifestyle photos, but I don’t seek those jobs, and if I choose to do them, it’s for truly special clients.

what is your exercise regimen?
nowadays and for the last year or so, i just get a lot of exercise keeping up the farm. i don't really have a regimen aside from that.. I actually have a whole post dedicated to everything i have tried over the years HERE though if you are interested... I do need to get in the habit of some type of regular exercise though. 

What is your daily beauty routine with facial products and makeup?
My daily beauty routine is very simple. I wash my face with Trader Joes Teatree Spa Facial Wash, put on some homemade lavender/tallow salve under my eyes and any dry areas on my face, as well as my lips, and then apply some mascara by Loreal and a little bit of cream blush by Sonia Kashuk.  If I am shooting a series of planned photos or going out on the town, I will add some eyeliner to that as well. At night, I wash my face and use a rose petal witch hazel before applying my homemade salve again under my eyes and also on my laugh lines. Pretty simple. pretty cheap. And totally easy and maintainable. Even if I go broke!

Do you do product/service reviews?
Yes! If it is something I would personally be interested in, or think my readers would enjoy hearing about, I would totally give it a try and write a review. If you would like to submit a product that you think would suit my readers, you can send your product or service submissions to: sandice@frugalfashionablefarmer.com with “product review” in the subject line. Please note that I will only review products or services that I would personally use or feel my readers would appreciate.

Do you have a favorite blog post from your blog?
I think THIS is my favorite post. It is about Eli. He was my big ol' baby and he had a very rough first year with me. Going back and reading this made my heart skip a few beats... In the beginning it didn't look so good for this boy, but I am happy to say that now that he lived a long healthy life. He passed away by humane euthanasia at the age of 14 when his arthritic pain just could not be managed with meds anymore. He lived longer than most goats his size (250 lbs!)  ever do! 

If you can think of any thing else you'd like to know, shoot me a message using the contact form to the left on this page and I'll be happy to answer as best as i can! 



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