To tree or not to tree (this morning)

 I’m having an amazing slow morning completely by choice. I’m not procrastinating, I’m not avoiding responsibilities… I’m making time for myself for the first time in a lonnnng time. 

I’ve been enjoying my morning while also feeling a little productive in my slowness….. going through thousands of photos for upcoming prints while sipping my coffee, strollin’ the dirt road with the dogs, and I just made myself a tasty little brunch of ‘bacon’, grits, and brussel sprouts. I’ve curled back up with Poptart and we are under a heated blanket while I type….

I’m contemplating getting out the tree (mine is pink and tinsel and gorgeous!) and putting that up, or doing nothing until noon when I’ll head out for shelter dog class and then a few dog walking appointments. I am gonna listen to yesterdays mix tape again and have another cup of coffee and we shall see… 

Have a lovely Saturday wherever it is you do! Gonna post a few old Christmas photos found on the web for my own motivation to get the tree up, but it’s definitely going to be late this eve instead of this morning. I’m enjoying not doing much of anything too much - ha!

Jingle jangle!



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