It’s been a minute…


Yikes! I just realized I haven’t posted in a few days. Been completely consumed with getting things ready for the Indie South Holiday Hooray! Been crazy, sad, anxious, and thrilled all at once for the last few days. Setup was last night and it’s super early this morning and I’m getting ready to take care of the animals before heading over to the park. I’ll be posting throughout the day on my insta stories if you follow me there. 

I’m really happy with my setup this year. I actually built out my displays - I mean measured and sawed wood, screwed it all together and have a secured legit display. Then I numbered, disassembled, and packed it all up in the truck and reassembled it on site. Yeah, pretty proud of myself! Just one of the many things I’ve grown confident in because of this whole house project. 

I’ve still got a few last minute things to load up and take over this morning, so gonna cut out of here and I’ll post a little update here again tomorrow early morning because that’s when I’m gonna have time. 

wish me luck today! The weather is forecasted to be pretty nasty tomorrow, but also it’s a Georgia weather forecast, so usually never accurate. I’ve got my friend and old roommate from helping me today at my booth. If you’re in Athens, come see me! 

Have a great Saturday!!

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