The sweetest sleeping Buddy, gratitude day 13

 I was going to share a bit of my process for the handmade ornaments I make for holiday markets, but in between trips to Lowes and sanding all the images off that I had put onto the wooden slices yesterday, I came down to the house to grab a coffee and before my eyes was the sweetest, most peaceful sleeping Buddy….. 

Rose was eating hay and I tiptoed as quietly as I could and got close enough to get on the growing and scoot and crawl a bit closer… he eventually woke up and gave me a few rolls and then got up, but how beautiful are these photos? 

I also made a dump run where I passed this beautiful field of cotton that I had to pull over and capture….

Then I ended the day by taking all my tools and a wood slab over to my moms to modify her mantle to where it could accommodate her tv, which leads me to my gratitude recognition for being able to use saws and tools and have the abilities to build things and fix things and make things work… then Christian popped over to visit mom while I was still there, so that was nice… 

I just finished putting up the ducks and feeding the horses and goats, and am boiling water for coffee now. The night is cool, the windows are open, Christian just got a new amp to play through, and I’m probably gonna head out to the shop after coffee to work a bit more on my prints. 

It’s been a good Monday…



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